bringing intelligence to energy operations

Computational intelligence to provide real-time information and assist in decision-making in the electric energy sector.
Intelligence for Energy Operations

DDMX is a Brazilian technology company specialized in solutions for data management and analysis of operations.

DDMX provides technological solutions for optimizing operations in various sectors, with transparency and commitment to its clients, as well as flexibility and agility in customer service.

Computational intelligence to provide real-time information and assist in decision-making in the electric energy sector.

The Intellergy system combines the analysis of extensive volumes of data from various sources (big data analytics) with the application of computational intelligence (machine learning). 

By providing real-time insights, Intellergy offers important support for operations, covering all hierarchical levels – from management and the control center, to field technicians.

The solution improves the decision-making process by instantly offering a complete and integrated information, contributing to better resource allocation and more effective management of the challenges inherent to the energy sector.

Discover Intellergy and turn your data into real-time insights.

Platform Features:

Receive, collect, synchronize, combine, and process data from multiple sources in real-time.

Trigger real-time alerts through cross-referencing data and the application of intelligent algorithms.

Customize data visualization through grids, maps, and dashboards.

Execute commands in other systems, automating workflows and allowing operators to focus on what requires their attention.

Prediction of relevant quality indicators and services based on machine learning to suggest the reallocation of resource and the reprioritization of activities.


  • Prioritization of occurrences based on risk of financial compensations. 
  • Integrated maps locating the teams, incidents, and devices.
  • Assistance in decision-making during contingencies.
  • Real-time tracking of indicators and goals.
  • Data cross-referencing for in-depth impact analysis on indicators.

Proven Results:

  • Reduced Mean Time to Performance (TMP) and team idle time.
  • Reduction in escalation/aggregation time.
  • Reduced unproductive actions, inconsistencies, and unauthorized access.
  • Improved resource allocation and investments.
  • Faster data visualization, calculation, and report extraction.
  • Standardization of views across different operations, teams, and associated companies.
  • Reduced regulatory penalties.

Real-time alerts for operators and managers:

  • Real-time alerts for unproductivity and inconsistencies.
  • Real-time alerts for disarming and branch monitoring.
  • Real-time alerts for team productivity and operator performance.
  • Real-time alerts for aggregation and prevention.
  • Distribution of alerts through messages and emails to users.

Real-time alerts for operators and managers

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